Sunday, March 1, 2015

Started Soaping Again

I learned proper cold press soapmaking last year. Man, what an eye opener and a math fest for me. But it was incredibly fun at the same soon as you nailed the math part down. Apparently, some people could care less about the math but i would rather stay kinda on the safe side.

Anyway, got back into making soap after i bought some moulds from a relative. These were mighty cute so, made a new batch of skin-friendly soaps.

Have a splendid Sunday, people,

Sunday, February 22, 2015

App: Insight Timer, Meditation

I found out that a lot of leaders meditate the moment they wake up, in the middle of a busy day and then before they go to bed. This could be a good thing to help dispel the myth that when you meditate, you are a Zen Master, Yoda-wannabe, Buddhist, a Monk, a Vegetarian, CalmAss Lame Crazy Person or living in the mountain (with WIFI and Facebook).

I am sure Steve Jobs eats meat (I think), Marc Benioff does not live in the mountain and Oprah Winfrey is no offspring of Yoda. I don't think Cameron Diaz is nuts.

Meditation is not woo-woo-woo. It's just spending a couple of minutes of your day thinking about things and not letting them sweep you away. It's just like how you can sit there and then the thought of dinner starts stressing you out...and then you mentally kinda say 'Oh, hello. It's you. Again. Disappear, I am with ME right now, deal with ya later, bye'. And you have to see it in your mind's eye, it is disappearing or locked away for later or just Iron Man smashing it into smithereens. Whatever floats your boat, man.

Anyway, I don't have the skill and patience to meditate for hours everyday but I DO have an app that makes meditation feel less lonely.

You can set how long you want to sit around and do absolutely nothing. I am a little lame, I go for 5 minutes to 7 minutes. I managed to complete 10 minutes once. But what I really like is that it has a community. It says that 'you just meditated with 354 people' from all over the world.

What sucks is that you can see things like 'Jenny from Perth is meditating for 55 minutes, 6 minutes left', 'Ben from Kansas City is meditating for 80 minutes, 2 minutes left' or 'Henry from Norway is meditating for 65 minutes, 1 minute left'.

It makes my 5 minutes (which I am sure is appearing on someone's screen somewhere - LOL) a really small dragon trying to fly. But let me just add that I always try too look at those who are doing more time than me as motivation to do more minutes.

I try, OK, I try. I hope to go for the 10 minutes again real soon and I hope it won't make me mentally itch too much like the last time.

Happy Sunday, people,
Lotsa love coming your way,

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Real Motherhood

Moms call their babies all kinds of names and it ranges from 'angels' to 'demons', 'monkeys' to 'bears'. This gives people, baby-less people basically, the impresion that parenthood is akin to standing right next to an inferno to flying freely around in the clouds.

In reality, it is a little bit of both. Some days, you feel like running off to Bali forever and some days, you know with 1000% certainly that God loves you.

This video is dedicated to all new parents, including my brother whom I welcomed to parenthood with as much enthusiasm and empathy as I can possibly feel at the same time.

But babies....aren't they like so super adorbs (and because they ARE, they get away with things like that)?

Wishing all Chinese friends, family and readers a Happy, Prosperous, Healthy and Productive (and not just babies, ok?) year of the Goat!


Saturday, February 14, 2015

Mind and Socks Blown by Pentatonix's Daft Punk Rendition

Youtube's been producing quite a number of singers and bands of late. This is a given, I guess. Maybe I am feeling a little jealous of the current generation because....Youtube should have existed when I was born. Missed by only a few decades. ;-P

Frankly, I have not been really impressed with the new line of singers and bands. There were good ones but there were more mediocre and bad ones than top-notch ones. So many wanna-be's calling themselves 'content producer'. Reminds me of days when the internet was in its infancy stage and we (meaning me too) were producing spam-like content thinking that it was 'great stuff'. This is the rite of passage of the new generation, I guess.

Like I said, there were few that impressed me...

....but to me, Pentatonix is mind-blowingly good!

They don't need the extra link from me because they already have 119 million views on this YouTube video of theirs. They won a Grammy for it too. They filmed this in one of their bedroom closets and kitchen, apparently. If so, I think we should give them a budget to produce even more awesome stuff. This group is really one talented group of a Capella singers.

If this is what they can produce in closets and kitchens, can't wait to see what they can come up with with a budget.



Friday, January 30, 2015

My Definition of Sexy

So, we sat around and got discussing about sexy, or rather, 'appealing' men and most of us agreed that one does not have to be physically muscled up in order to be sexy. Being tall is good, having a sense of humor is fab, having ethics is pretty darn important and of course, if you have a nice pair or peepers, that would be dreamy.

If your body is like this....EVEN BETTERRRRRRRR! LOL

But honestly speaking, men like this (don't argue with me) are unattainable. Out of our league even before we can say 'poof'.

And we are quite realistic about things. We don't marry KPop stars or TVB actors. We just go to their concerts or watch their movies and waste a lot of money on things we don't need. lol

Harlow....reality checkkkkkkk....

So, when I mentioned that I thought this one guy was really sexy to me, you should have seen my friends' faces. Hahahahaha! Who is that man?

Yoo Jae Suk - gagman

Don't laugh la....I am being serious!

If you watch Running Man, a South Korean variety show, you will know what I am talking about. You might even have an inking why I say he is sexy. His name is Yoo Jae Suk, the yellow-suit-doning-man in both PSY's Gangnam Style and Mother Father music videos.

He may be a gagman but there is a reason why the Producers of Running Man gave him the roles of

Yooruce Willis (as in Bruce Willis)

Yoomes Bond (Do I have to explain why?)

There is something sexy about a man who is kind, caring, who knows when to say what, resolute, a good leader...and someone who, when required, will refuse to say die.

There is something sexy about how he will run like the wind, refuse to give in to brute force, has his head screwed on straight even when he is outnumbered and being chased down and then....

...rips off the enemy's nametag to become the final man standing....

...and then leave his opponent with the final remark, 'Consider yourself dumped by me'. lol

All in all, it's his humbleness and fighting spirit. Not brute force, all muscled up or a gangster. But a sexy man is polite, knows when to back off or run or fight back. A man who knows how to be a man.

THAT. Is bloody sexy. A scrawny, ugly (he admits this himself) man CAN be sexy when armed with the right attitude. Even actresses have said that they are Yoo Jae Suk fans because there is just something.....SOMETHING about him that they can't put their finger on.

If he wasn't married already and he liked me, I would marry him in a heartbeat. I am not even kidding and yes, he is less than average looking but he overrides it with everything else he's got.

His wife is a lucky woman.


Thursday, January 1, 2015

Mighty Man

He who conquers others is strong; he who conquers himself is mighty. - Lao Tzu

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Greeting a Brand New 2015

2014 sucked big time for Malaysians at large. Missing planes seems to be a recurring theme and I can tell you that Malaysia has never been on the news this much before. Malaysia was pretty much a what-country-is-that-and-is-it-Thailand kinda country. People didn't even know (probably) that we speak English or we have buildings or internet access here. Obscure and unknown.

2014 changed everything. People from everywhere else now know EXACTLY where Malaysia is and the country is NOT a city in Thailand or Singapore. LOL. Yes, I have been asked before. But that was before Google Maps and Earth was around.

Malaysia is actually more like this...

...less like this...

This is an Orang Asli village in some parts of Malaysia. They exist.

Anyway, jokes aside, when I got a Whatsapp message on Sunday saying 'AirAsia missing' response was 'F-g kidding me!' Let's clarify one thing, though. Some people were adamant to separate AirAsia from AirAsia Indonesia, saying that they are not the same and Malaysia has nothing to do with this bla bla bla....just to avoid trouble.

My question is - why are we so proud to be the owner of one of the biggest low-budget carriers in the region if we are going to shun the fact that AirAsia is a Malaysian brand? I was afraid Tony Fernandez was going to deny any relationship with AirAsia Indonesia.

Thankfully, he is da man. He owned up to it, took responsibility (despite owning 'just 49% percent') and personally took his Indonesian partners and families by the hand and said 'I am not leaving, we are in this together'. We are still trying to recover from the shock, as are the families involved and the Indonesian counterparts. Nobody can ever be prepared for a third strike like this.

As of now, even as I am writing this, it is raining outside and many parts of the country is under water. Thankfully, this part of the country where I live is not hit by anything as serious.

We can actually recount all those incidents and curse nature, Mother Earth or God (or whatever your religion is) and be really negative about all this but I think we should take a step back and recognize one thing....we all came together. For once.

The very split-up Malaysia, with people planning their exoduses into other countries and possibly never coming back, came together when the country was under fire. So, I prefer to see it that way. In a positive light.

As I am writing this, more than 200,000 people have been dislodged by floods...and YET another plane is down.....but the good part is that thousands of people who are NOT affected have come together, pooled their resources and strength to help those people. Normally, we would leave it to the respective government agencies to do this. It is heartening to see individual people actually stepping up to do it on their own too.

Like many other countrymen, I sincerely hope not to see anymore BREAKING and DEVELOPING news on those news channels unless it is a good thing. And I would like to welcome the new year with new hope and resolutions. I love New Year fireworks, they are so spectacular. But with the mood being this somber, I entertained thoughts of not seeing it or that it would be really sucky to celebrate when we are in the middle of a crisis.

But....what the hell....let's welcome the new year happily, hopefully, joyfully and may it bring us loads of goodies in the future.

And no more CNN Breaking News, please....thanks, we had enough of that for one year. Really.

Happy New Year, World!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Women Should Remain Where? Lagging 166 Years Behind Times

I truly cannot believe this. Before I even got the chance to write about that 17 year old girl marrying that 15 year old boy, this article came out. I seriously cannot believe how much backward paddling we have been doing these days. So, I am going to just write a little about both.

Men should be at work and women should focus on reproducing human it is for you.

Just OMG. You know.....Oh My God.

Just to recap, the Women's Rights Movement began in 1848. 1848, ok? 1848.

In case you don't have a calculator with you, that's 166 years ago. The first National (USA la, that is) Women's Rights Convention was held two years later which is 1850 in Massachusetts, 164 years ago.

I don't even know where to begin. My brain is in a mess. LOL!

The Declaration of Sentiments was signed in Seneca Falls, New York in 1848 with the following statement:-
....the Sentiments demanded equality with men before the law, in education and employment. Here, too, was the first pronouncement demanding that women be given the right to vote.
At first, I was going to just make a few comments about how a boy and a girl in their teens don't know what love and marriage is all about (yet), how puppy love is just puppy love and these teens should be given the chance to date a little bit more, to explore the world that they live in, that marriage is a serious matter that will affect the rest of their lives and that having kids should be given more thought, they should get their education first, we should guide them to have the right priorities, bla bla bla...(I was going to write a note dripping with sarcasm)

...and now I don't know what to say anymore since this Dr. Nur Farrah outrightly came out with an ingenious idea that the country can become a more high-income nation if women just stayed at home.

While the rest of the world is embracing the fact that women can contribute to society and economic growth of all nations in the world, fathers can choose to stay at home while women can be the breadwinner, we are saying otherwise.

So, what happens to Stay At Home Dads now, my next question would be? Are they lazy or do not possess the 'right skill' to be competitive in the work force?

It is true that the opinion of this particular woman may not be the voice of everyone in Malaysia but it really puts things into perspective for me....that these people exists. Where did they come from? What were they taught and why is it possible for them to remain 166 years behind the rest of the world?
“We just need the right person for the right job. Our male counterparts actively involved in workforce and being high achievers,” she suggested. - See more at:
“We just need the right person for the right job. Our male counterparts actively involved in workforce and being high achievers,” she suggested. - See more at:
“We just need the right person for the right job. Our male counterparts actively involved in workforce and being high achievers,” she suggested. - See more at: solution to teen pregnancies and sex is education and empowerment, Dr. Nur Farrah, not child marriage. Teach and talk to them, open up the communication lines and tell them about their own potential. If kids are completely in love and want to be together, fine. Date. If they want to have sex, fine. Protect yourself until you are ready for children. Having kids is not like baking cakes. Empower them, teach them, guide them, educate them, tell them that they can have dreams and they should rush toward it with unabashed passion instead of getting a job at 15 years old with little know-how.
Just OMG. I don't know what else to do but to double facepalm.



You can't learn in school what the world is going to do next year. - Henry Ford

Sunday, November 30, 2014

As Parents, We Can Only Try Our Best...Like This

Yeah, we all have fantastic ideas and ideals before we have kids or while expecting kids. We are not ever EVER EVER EVER going to repeat our parents' mistakes and we are absolutely, without a smidgen of doubt, BECOME our mothers oh no, we are not. We are going to be absolutely parent-astic. Our kids are not going to be some lousy foodie blogger or anything like that. They are going to be sur-effing-geons.

But this is not how life is, you see, as this Stay at Home Dad discovered. Sometimes, we can only do our best not to F up, if I can honestly say it myself.

Anyway, as part of my 'my kids are never going to eat fast food' pre-parent promise, I did up some home-made noodles. Yeah, so I nailed one-day-without-fast-food down.

It's not really as hard as it should have been, really, because all there is to it is wheat flour, one egg, some water and some olive oil...and some more flour, flour, flour. One big mess but hey, one less meal of fast food, y'all.

Then grilled this, chopped chopped chopped and then add it into some soupy thing.

Now, eat. Everyone. Nobody has a name for any dish in this house. It's called Something To Put Into Your Mouth and Chew On.

But some days, like this afternoon, we've got to spend some time outside and let someone else do the friggin' cooking, right? So, had a nice meal at Chuups, a decent (medium-priced) eatery in Damansara Jaya.

It's rainy (surprise surprise) again today but ah well....spend your precious Sunday well.