Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The R-word, Read Wrongly or Correctly

This one's for you Paulyne.

OK, the other day, I had to explain something about Malaysia to a Candian penpal of mine (Yes, penpal. We 'met' each other over pen and paper back in the days of postal services) on Twitter. The next thing I know, I found myself reading this article and I found myself literally laughing out loud.

This might come as a shock to people from other countries but over here, we are so used to it, we laugh. Or turn a blind eye, deaf ear and plan to migrate to another country. ASAP.

Just to take a page off of Wikipedia (I didn't say this. I only copied and pasted the following excerpt)

Racism consists of both prejudice and discrimination based in social perceptions of biological differences between peoples. It often takes the form of social actions, practices or beliefs, or political systems that consider different races to be ranked as inherently superior or inferior to each other, based on presumed shared inheritable traits, abilities, or qualities. It may also hold that members of different races should be treated differently.[1][2][3]
 Read: Different races to be ranked as inherently superior or inferior, ok?

OK, then the funny stuff.

Here in Malaysia the opposite is true, you see. If we do not see a certain race as 'core group' with special privileges based on 'history', then we might have a serious case of racism in the country.

Anyway, I am not harping on it at all because believe it or not, we are so used to it that Malaysia is currently facing a brain drain. Meaning many intellectuals who have their minds screwed on right and all their marbles together....have left the country.

That is also why opposition parties in Malaysia are fighting so hard and refuse to give up when so many Malaysians have already given up. It is written in our Federal Constitution, folks.

I've written so many times about how blase we have become about this that it doesn't even give us a shock like it should. Many things like this have happened over decades. But this is what we have. Should we do something about it and help those people with poor England (English, it is a slang) understand what Racism actually is? That we live in a country that has second, third class citizens. By the way, if I were to be really picky about things, I would be fourth class citizen of Malaysia, actually.

Poor me. LOL. Kidding. I'll just say that these things did not make us weak or anything, it has, uncannily, made us even stronger because we have been fighting against the tide all these years. Nothing handed to us, just do your thing BETTER than anyone else or die.

Anyway, this is for you, Paulyne. I am so happy for you since you have come out of the closet and are enjoying a brand new level of freedom! And that's the way it should be. That's the way many Malaysians think things should be too....about race, religion, sexual orientation...and you should be happy I am amongst those who still think you are an incredible person, enthusiastic personality who takes life by the neck, shake it till it laughs and someone who sees things on a day to day basis. Regardless of who you decide to share all the precious moments of your life with.

Is there a place for me in Canada? hahaha

Love and over and out,
See ya Wednesday,

Saturday, November 22, 2014

How I've Decided To Use Social Media

I've been asked again 'How come you are not on Facebook anymore, I was wondering where you were all this time!'

I sincerely thought that I was right here all this time. LOL.

Anyway, this is how I have decided to use the internet....or more accurately, social media sites and I have my reasons.

Twitter is my cup of tea. There is no drama, no likes, no comments for 'other people to see or judge'. Sure, you can 'discover' a conversation thread on Twitter and it is also far more intrusive if, let's are a radical activist or a celebrity or something seeking an insane crazy amount of attention but Twitter is easier to own than other social networking sites. It's quick to update and when people choose to respond, you can choose to ignore the sheez out of it without other nosy Parkers watching all of it. They can but it is much harder work.

In other words, there is more control and a sense of ownership.

Another unconventional social media network that I have chosen over others is G+ but for a very good reason. It is easier to control what I see there (as opposed to the network controlling what I see) and great for professional linkups. It is not Linkedin but still, for professional usage, you would want Google to think that you are still relevant and more importantly, you are alive and updating.

The only hate I have of G+ is, ugh.....Youtube. Why sharing and commenting on Youtube automatically appear on G+ and likewise G+ on Youtube? I am waiting for Google to change this. You can manually remove the comment or link but it is an extra step that users kinda wish they didn't have to take.

Do you know the kind of people there are on Youtube videos? Homaigerd. Crazies. The kind of people who own at least 17 usernames, I think.

 Hangout is also another great chat feature that is pretty much Skype but with the ability to broadcast it to the rest of the world. Amazing and yet, people continue to Facebook everything. One day, I suppose, if Google doesn't pull the plug on it, it can become an interactive Youtube.

My Tumblr and Instagram are linked up and they both, collectively, work as the place(s) to post stuff I don't blog about. Instagram = short picture updates. Tumblr = picture updates from Instragam and really short writeups that I don't think anyone is going to give 2 sheezies about.

Finally, and lastly, Facebook. I continue to use Facebook but for work, links, updates, catchups and chats.

Other than that, I go to Facebook when I want to depress myself because I have been too happy with my life. lol.

Anyway, it's Saturday again so, gonna catch myself some Kdrama and then a nap, perhaps?


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Casual Humor - Things You Should Listen To

Just a little humor for your Thursday. Well, tomorrow is....after all....Friday and end of school for the kids. My kids had their last school day yesterday but not for other schools, I believe. Anyway, here's a little something.

Dance on, folks. It's safe.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Let's PAWS for a Minute

After all the hoo-haa about Selangor's Main Man (Menteri Besar to us over here), after all the confusion, delay, fire here fire there, Klang Gate here Klang gate there, so, Azmin Ali became our Main Man.

Honestly speaking, many of us here are not into politics. We don't know what the F is going on when someone wants to put someone up there, maneuvering like a stealth aircraft here and there. The lot of us are just.....???????.....

Anyway, our current Main Man is putting up all the right stops so far, say whatever we want. But one really good thing he did (HUGE CLAPS FROM ME) was to put a stop an eviction notice slapped on PAWS. I am not sure why PAWS, a long-standing Malaysian animal shelter, got an eviction notice and how it happened but this is an animal shelter. Giving it a very short-notice eviction notice is really kind of inhumane, regardless of what the shelter did. There could be another story behind all of that but as it is, we are not privy to it.

Still, no matter how you look at it....relocating 600 animals (and some more) in a short period of time? Relocate or euthanize?

An animal is an animal. It is a life.

To add further credence to the act would be the fact that Azmin Ali is a Muslim. And the shelter houses lots of animals which includes....gasp....dogs. I don't even want to go into this topic because it was such a huge thing that Human Rights Watch was on it, Wall Street Journal was on it, The New York Times was on it, CNN was on it....I want to hide myself. LOL

So, was kind of happy that he did what he could, or at least he stood up and and said 'hey, wait...hang on, let's talk about this'.

I was happy with the news but....

....why are 14% of the readers 'angry' about it?

This world is funny...I hope they were angry that the eviction notice was even typed out at all.

Anyway, it's school holidays over here. Have fun on the roads, peeps!


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Based on My 14 Years of Working from Home...

Work hard and work smart, that's the only way you can survive working from home.

Some would say that the above statement says it all...but it is barely scraping the surface of what really 'working from home' really is all about. TIME magazine wrote an article about 10 things to remember if/when working from home and do you know I almost gave myself a whiplash while reading it?

Here's the article - 10 Essential Habits for Working at Home

Working from home or at home is, honestly speaking, a luxury. You don't have to contend with so many things that people in the corporate world have to deal with. However, even with that said, it can become a trap. One day, you might find yourself confused with a boundariless world where it is a mish-mash of 'work is everything' and 'home is everything'. You walk into the kitchen, you find yourself wondering, 'So, am I still working now or am I officially off work?'

(Image source:

1. Designated work area

I don't think it is all that important to have a 'home office', so to speak, because not everyone can afford a huge home with extra bedrooms.

I think it is more of a concept of NOT working somewhere you are comfortable with. Example? Bedroom. I never work in my bedroom. NEVER. Per chance I 'chance upon' an email that needs my IMMEDIATE attention, I will walk out of the bedroom, settle down on my table right outside my bedroom and do the minor work there.

I close all browsers (how anal am I about this? I use Firefox for personal use and Chrome for work - the line is drawn. I don't mix them up. I protect this right with my life), walk back into my bedroom and sleep. Or watch some fun videos.

So, if you do not have the luxury of having an extra bedroom or a table large enough to fit into a small apartment, reverse the rule by deciding on ONE space you promise not to work from. That's your ZEN ZONE, baybae. Protect it.

2. Dress for the job

It's true. Don't work in your pajamas. It's all a lie about walking around in your house, dressed in your comfy PJs and bunny slippers. Don't go there if you are working from home long term.

You are going to face the dreaded 'Am I still working now or am I off work?' Over the years, I have written about how I wish there was an office that I could actually LEAVE.

I work in my jeans and 'outside' clothes all the time and as long as I am working, I will not change back into my 'home clothes'. That is why some friends or neighbors visit me and wonder how come I am all dressed up 'uncomfortably' when I am working from home during week days.

I don't need makeup so, I don't if I am not going out but I make sure to remind myself with the clothes that I am wearing that I am working. Seriously, try this. Once the 'work day is over', change into your bunny slippers and fly into your bed....THAT is when you are off work.

(Image source: IStockPhoto)

3. Set hours and stick to them?

It is really easier said than done but...nevertheless....stick to it. Unless you imagine that there is overtime or that you are going to stay in the 'office' (mode) because something critically urgent has cropped up.

There is a lot of imagining to be done when you want to work from home long term.

4. Take breaks

I can't even begin to tell you how important this is. Take. Breaks. I work in rapid bursts of speed, actually. In the beginning, I thought that it was working just great when I work from 9-1 and then 3-6. During those moments, I would be completely stationery, motionless, completely focused, robotic and unbending when it comes to other things.


Not sure if it will work for everyone too but I set a timer. (whisper: actually, I set a timer for almost everything. From meditation to boiling water to working that stationery yeah....) I work for 15 minutes and then get up to work on kitchen stuff or to read from something that doesn't have a light shining into my face. OK, fine, those short breaks is when you will find me on G+ or Twitter too.

But you get it. Take breaks.

5. No interaction unless it is SOS level of urgency

And finally, this. My kids know not to mess with me when I have that 'I am working and if I stop now and find out that you interrupted me for something that could've waited for another 5 minutes, things are going to be ugly' face.

The point is to actually let them know that you will get back to them AND ACTUALLY GET BACK TO THEM. So, if my son is lingering around me, waiting to pounce at me with one of his magnanimously urgent need to buy something with my card on his computer, I tell him to wait a bit more and he does.

You'll just have to work your stuff with younger kids, they are tougher. I guess it is a matter of helping them understand what is the right time to approach you and when you make a promise, keep it.

Sunday over, back to work tomorrow...

Hope you had a great weekend,

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Things You Have To Say More Often

Last week was a funny one. If there is one thing I have trouble saying to anyone, myself included, it is the word 'NO'. I go with everything and sometimes think that, maybe, perhaps, I owe it to people to say 'Yes' to freaking everything.

There are a few people in this world who knows this about me. So, I said 'No' to a couple of things and people this week and....get this....I got a 'Congratulations. In a strange, weird way, I am so proud of you!' LOL

So, I found this article detailing out 10 things that we should be saying more often so that we can all live in a Rainbow Colored World filled with confetti and unicorns and I found myself agreeing to most of them and noting that I need to remember them.

I love saying 'It's a possibility' when people propose stuff or say something can be done. It's like 'I think we can reverse time' and I go 'It's a possibility'. Powerful, isn't it? hahaha. It's impractical but hey, 'It's a possibility' still!

I don't have a problem with saying 'I Love You' because I am like, I-Love-You everyday in and out with my kids and friends. I don't know, for some reason, I like saying I love you because when I was younger, it wasn't something we say to each other, whether family or friends, easily.

We are Asian and Asians don't say 'I Love You' unless he is a cute guy professing his undying love for you. Stereotypical, sure. Fact, absolutely. You practically have to wranggle an 'I Love You' from a boyfriend or husband in this region of the world. If your husband says it to you in a room packed with men without having to resort to a whisper, buy a lottery. You're friggin' lucky and I hate you. lol.

I never hesitate saying 'I Love You' as I grew up. Partly because I am mushy that way. I am also sarcastic, by the way, and sometimes I can dig up old stuff just to get you irked as a way of teasing you or to make you roll your eyes or threaten to send a 100,000 cockroaches to me via courier (THAT is NOT an idea, if you do, you will be on my hit list, I promise you) but I don't have problems saying 'I Love You'.

Have a read at the link and see if you have problems saying any of those phrases.

Having a splendid Saturday because I went to Digital Mall and solved my never-ending paranoia about my phone battery dying just as I am about to send out an S.O.S. from a stranded island or something. Yeah, I got a backup battery. And I already have 4 power banks. Yes, I know. ;-P

It's funny but Digital Mall is much more my kind of mall than something like say....clothes, shoe, makeup or perfume. Yes, I do those stuff too (yes, I have had to be dragged out by the hair out of Body Shop before) but not just as twinkly-eyed as I would be when I am in Digital Mall.

Funny kind of woman, me.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

If everyone knew Neville would be..

I think everyone agrees that although Daniel Radcliffe got the better part of the deal as far as movie role is concerned, Neville grew up. Really grew up. And what BuzzFeed noticed is hardly a fun fact at all. It is common acknowledgment.

If only J.K. Rowling knew Matthew Lewis would grow up this hot, would she have cast him as Harry Potter instead? No offense to Daniel Radcliffe, he's hot too but...damn...

Just cheering myself up,
(under the weather)

Friday, October 31, 2014

Family Wisdom from The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari - Robin Sharma

Maybe it is because I skipped the first book that I wasn't familiar with the writing style and had no understanding, knowledge about who Julian was. I started out thinking that Catherine was the central character. For those of you who are in the same position as I was, Julian IS the monk who sold his Ferrari. The dude who was this magnificent magnet for money, handsome lawyer who wins hearts and clients like he was a Brad Pitt. Or George Clooney. Or Chow Yuen Fatt if you are into Chinese. Pick your own handsome, rich celeb.

Basically, Catherine is Julian's little sister, someone he left behind when he sold his mansion and Ferrari.

Like him, Catherine was undergoing a major life-changing event in her life and Julian thought he could come back to shed some light on some things for family life.

No surprise at all, before this 'incident', like Julian, Catherine is a high flying executive and business owner. Nothing in life is that easy. So, Julian came back to bring back some good ole balance.

Yup, that is the basis of the entire book.

Maybe I read a whole lot of Buddhist books every other day (because the books are free and I live near a temple which supplies me with them?) so, many of the things mentioned, situations explained and principles shared are no strangers to me. It got boring by the time I made it to the middle.

I hardly ever not finish reading a book that I start reading. There are very few exceptions maybe because books are expensive and I feel terrible for abandoning the story or author (because he/she spent much time writing that stuff up) and trees have been uprooted and cut up to make the paper that I am holding in my hands right now.

Did I stop? Nope. I didn't. Because there are so many quotes and principles that I know I can use as reminders in the book. I didn't like the 'story' because there really isn't a story in the book. It is just Julian being a super awesome human being and Catherine being a little thick.

Example: 'Real joy in life is like peeling back layers of an onion' - Julian. 'What?' - Catherine
Or: '*principle and making a whole lot of common sense' - Julian. 'So you're saying that the true purpose of life is to discover our true talents and special strengths?'

I had mental 'duhhhh????!!!' throughout the book. LOL

I love Robin Sharma and I follow him on Twitter and he is like this never-ending supplier of positive thoughts and thoughtful reminders. Sometimes, I get the tweets and I go 'That's right! Thanks for the reminder, Robin! Marsha, let's GOGOGO!'

So, yes, I had some trouble getting through it because of Catherine. She didn't have to be this dumb, did she? Or maybe there are people out there who are really like that, maybe, perhaps, I don't know? The book doesn't sell you religion, one thing's for sure but I think many of those logic, quotes and phrases are stuff that I expose myself to already, anyway, that I think it didn't really kick it for me.

I could be saying this right now but this book is a keeper because of one fact alone, there is a plethora of reminders in this one. All those quotes and sayings and teachings that I could use every now and again.

So, yeah, on to the next book, a lighter read this time.


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Went to school

Popped by school to collect Kid's report card and drop off one of their bags, two things happened.

1. As I tried to sign in as a guest, the guard told me to walk straight in. I am not late yet. It is before 9am so I dont need to sign in. For school. Puahahahahaha

2. As I dropped off the bag, a supervisor asked me 'so, you are his sister?'


My advice for you if you are looking for such nice uplifting morning indirect compliments is....
Tie your hair up in a ponytail, wear cargo pants and loose-fitting t-shirt, accessorize yourself with childish bracelettes, go bareface and not a smidgen of lipstick and you will probably pass off as a 20-30-something sister of your kid in a dim-lit school as well.

Man, I feel awesome. I am enjoying the school's plain nasi lemak as if it has some rendang in it (even when there isnt any).

Have a fab day,

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Matyr

It is the cause, not the death, that makes the martyr. - Napoleon Bonaparte