Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thank you, Tiger

You don't have to know the man well, in order to appreciate the things that he's done.
You don't have to be emotionally linked to his life, in order to feel what he stands for.
You don't have to agree with what the man said, in order to know his resolve.
You don't have to understand everything he did, in order to appreciate his stand.
You don't have to have spoken to him before, to know the kind words behind the strong spirit.
You don't have to have seen him cry, to know that he is a man with great conviction.

You don't have to. You just know.

Goodbye, Karpal Singh. Thank you for everything that you have done and the fight that you so fervently fought.

Just know that many are feeling the loss.

p.s. To those who think that some of us are just playing things up and pretend to know Karpal Singh and sobbing all over the internet like whining toddlers, go piss somewhere else for now. I am not in the mood for your pissy attitude right now. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Calendula and Orange Spa Stuff

Probably not for the guys but hey, don't let stereotypical comments stop you from pampering yourself too. EVERYONE needs pampering once in a while. And there is nothing feminist or sexist about soaking in a tub of water that smells like flowers.

Anyway, was walking the halls of a nearby mall and stopped at some booths selling some of the most awesome environmentally-friendly and hand-made stuff so, I was delighted to find products made out of my favorite scents, i.e. lavendar, calendula, chamomile, sandalwood...etc.

Calendula and Orange scented handmade soap and bathsalt

Calendula or more popularly known as Marigold have been known for their medicinal properties for ages. The flowers and leaves are used to treat multiple types of conditions, particularly skin conditions. Calendula tea is also sometimes used as mouthwash or treat gum diseases too. 

Love the frangrance combined with the citrusy scent of orange. 

Bought them from Mahi's Place (Facebook) who had a booth at the mall. It's a pity she does not have a website up yet so that she can showcase all the different soaps and products she had at the stall. 

Anyway, I made a grab of a couple more things as we strolled along the mall, will write about them later. I should take a picture of some of them before we finish them all up. =)

Procrastination, sigh....


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Fun-filled Birthday For The Boys and Me

As your kids grow older and bigger, you will soon have trouble planning out their birthday parties. It gets more expensive too =P

Toys R Us, cakes, balloons, confetti no longer work. You can no longer play Barney or Hi 5 songs all day long to make them feel special on their very special day. You have to wreck your brain in trying to please them along with the friends and relatives that they keep all at the same time.

Things parents do. Sigh...hahaha

But it was a fun-filled day, though.

Booked ourselves in for a session at Escape Room in eCurve and managed to escape with 4th fastest record for the week at 33:11. I say the kids did mighty fine with that! No fighting or power struggles and they were just focused on one person figuring it, one person unlocking, one person holding the torch and one person slipping through the prison bars because he was skinny enough to do that (Escape Room, take note, haha) and then shouting to the rest 'See ya all later, suckerssssssssssss!' LOL. Don't worry, he had to slip back to this side cause he can't get out on his own.

Bring your phones in with you if you are trying for Escape Room. (Tip: Loads of maths to be done). Use phones as torches. It is dark. Torches not provided, I think. If the ones we had were provided by Escape Room, the torches sucked. I downloaded a torch app right there inside Prison Break room and switched it on. LOL. Anyway, if you are going for it, good luck! Tons of fun and incredibly challenging.

Please don't take pictures or videos and spoil the fun for everyone else. Pictures and videos are not allowed, anyway.

After that, we had some food and played loads of arcade games which includes DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) and loads of shooting. I think the kids are just happy to be let loose all around the mall and the games with an unlimited credit to the card.

It didn't end there because I took the kids up to play a few rounds of bowling....with the bumpers up. LOL. This way, no one gets unhappy and anyone can get a strike even if they intentionally rolled the ball straight towards the gutters. And man, I feel sorry for the bowling alley. Lots of ruckus, popcorn everywhere, kids rolling on the floor running all around like they are on coke, ketchup, Milo and french fries on the benches.

It ended right before dinner and I think everyone's kinda bushed. I know I was.

But my day didn't end there. Old friends from school days have been trying to put together a small-ish gathering. We have not seen each other for...some of us....since schooling days? I pulled out of the gathering because I knew it was going to be a tough day for me.

By the time I reached home, I thought to myself, 'You know what? For all the serving that I have been doing the whole day, I am going to be served tonight'. Without bothering with makeup and changing of clothes and I don't care that I stink  or whatever, I joined the gathering a little late.

I am sure glad I did.

Had tons of fun of my own, and it was really awesome to see some old friends from bygone days. More to come. =)

There were guys at the gathering, it's just that...the girls are so pretty, aren't they?


Friday, March 28, 2014

Courage is...

Courage is the discovery that you may not win, and trying when you know you can lose. - Tom Krause

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Dear China

Dear China,

I truly sympathize with you and as much as I would like to say that I 'understand' your pain, frustration and anguish, I can't honestly say it without feeling like a fraud. I wish this kind of pain on not even the worst of enemy.

I would also like to say that it is with so much joy (in the beginning) to see our officials fumble, Malaysia coming under the microscopic glare of the world, and also top authorities saying one thing, meaning another, making U-turns with their statements and then turning silent while the world's top honchos get at them. I watched with great pleasure and delight, waiting to do my bit to pound them into splinters of the tiniest kind. They have never, never, never, NEVER, NEVER had to answer to anyone in the past.

Dear China, you may not know this because you have not lived all your life being told to shut up and F off every so often. You have your own set of political problems, I know, but some of our forefathers are from China and been told to go back to China even through we can't. We Malaysians believe that we can do better than this. So, it was an opportunity for us Malaysians to see them suffer in such an International fashion, learn something from it and then progress into a better nation.

But dear China, we have crews, passengers and pilots in MH370 too. We are trying our best too. I know you want answers....but so do we.

In as far as how they are releasing information and the methods employed by the authorities, together with some of the world's most intelligent and experienced people in the world, I shall withhold my opinion because I am no expert in this.

An expert I am not. But a human I am.

I am beginning to feel the sheer burden of trying to find, put together, being sensitive to everyone who is affected without divulging too much, too fast and too negligently.

This is just my take that...perhaps, you are demanding too much. I am not saying  that your pain, frustration and anger is unwarranted. It is! It absolutely is because I would not dream of being put into such a situation. EVER.

The glee to see our top authorities come under fire in this fashion has waned off. The whole tragedy have turned insane. 26 countries are trying to work together and if 26 countries are trying their best in handling it, do you not think that Malaysian officials are already trying very hard not to F up?

I only hope for the best, China. I hope that answers will come in a timely fashion and that it won't take forever. Let's not be rash. I particularly feel sorry for Malaysia Airlines because they are stuck in the middle of somewhere hard and somewhere even harder. They do not have the information that Chinese people are asking for, the military and all those involved does.

Why crucify Malaysia Airlines this way? I am not a MAS supporter but it has been one of the safest airlines in the world for a very long time and give them a break.

China, please continue to demand for answers from the authorities but don't turn everything against us, Malaysians or the people who are working beyond their own personal limits to find your answers. Remember that the world's most intelligent people have called it a 'mystery', something totally atrocious even to our aviation experts, a loophole we never thought was there.

Please don't start burning flags, bashing the Malaysian embassy or say that Malaysians are barbarians, dishonest and incompetent. Just like those in your country, we have our hoodlums. Just like in your country, we have people who shouldn't be at the top. Just like in your country, we have people crying deep into the night from wanting answers.

I am just thankful that these amazing people from all those different countries are chipping in. Without them, I can't imagine the scale of this calamity might have become.

I am sorry we are at this juncture at all.

Thank you, International Community,
Thank you,

Monday, March 24, 2014

Shrug Logic

My logic is simple.

People are gonna talk. Whether you like it or not, they are going to talk. So, whether you are on THIS side or THAT side, you have got to do what you believe in. What inspires you, what works for you. Once you figure out what that is, all you need to do is to keep that path.

People are going to question, people are going to ask, people are going to demand. People are going to come up to your face and speak. And you have to listen and think and answer as best to your knowledge, as honestly as you can.

That's life. That's progress. That's growth. That's learning curve. That's improvement in progress.

Keep a few close to you and the rest are going to question you. To the few who are close to you, you don't need to answer anything. They already know the answers, anyway.

Image credit: IStockPhoto

Have a fab Monday, folks,

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Great things

All the great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: freedom; justice; honor; duty; mercy; hope. - Winston Churchill

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Goals and actions

When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don't adjust the goals, adjust your actions. - Confucius

Monday, March 10, 2014

MH 370's Disappearance Keeping Everyone Hooked

To say that the weekend's been depressing would be kind of an understatement for most of us who are glued to our devices and internet to keep up with the news. So, have they found it? Did MH 370 veer off course and land somewhere safely? Is everyone OK?

You are not being paranoid, in case you think you have gone nuts, scanning though the news despite not having a relative on the flight. Most of us are trying to keep optimistic and stay calm, we are trying to have some hope every time some debris is said to have been found and it turns out negative. No debris = hope.

Things like this happen, without reason, it happens. It's called Shit Happens.

No explanation and no way out of them. But the thing that really scares people is the thoughts that run through our heads every time CNN comes up with their 'BREAKING NEWS' sign. We will all continue to fly and travel everywhere, knowing that the odds of such things happening is lower than the risk of taking your car out to the supermarket or turning up your gas to prepare dinner.

It's this.

MH 0066 could have been MH 370 and if that was case, I wished everyone on MH 0066 was safe too.

I am sure I am not alone.

I have written before about how difficult it was for me to get my kids' passports renewed (to this day, they are NOT renewed because I was so frustrated, I kinda gave up, sorta) so, I don't get how people could get in and out of Malaysian immigration so easily when they are foreigners. Should I get my kids fake passports too because it seems easier to get your hands on fake passports than to renew legitimate ones?

And you won't belieeeeeeeeeevvvvvvveeeee the kind of attitude Malaysians have to deal with at the Immigration Department. They act like they own the whole system, which breaks down as and when they like (I could have been really unlucky but for the 4 times I took my kids there early in the morning, the system broke down right before or during lunch hour). That's half a day wasted. For nothing. And we deal with conceited attitudes of the officers, like they keep us at ransom. Like if we don't like their slow working ways, we can just take our shit and leave. Like we are asking them for a favor.

I hope the world will now have a long, hard look at all their immigration laws and procedures.

Some might say that this is wishful thinking (considering the fact that many people have started saying it 'crashed') but I hope for a miracle. Something that movies are made of.


p.s. It is also sad that the issues of 9/11, terrorism and religion is now linked to MH 370's mysterious disappearance. =( True or not, I would hate to have their fate linked with such gruesomely hateful acts.